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Scandinavia launches a legal action against Hungary

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Hungary – Germany and Austria have already threatened to return migrants to Hungary, a transit country, saying that it was for her to welcome them because of the Dublin agreements. Now it was the turn of four Scandinavian countries to take on Hungary, and to launch a legal action for refusing to accommodate migrants that they wanted to return to her.

Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark have started legal proceedings against Hungary, announced the minister in charge of the office of Prime Minister, János Lázár, “because we don’t want to accept migrants from them.”

Also according to Mr. Lázár member countries failed to find common ground on migrants during the EU summit in Bratislava, since Sweden, Germany and Austria have said after the summit that they would return migrants to Hungary.

Hungarians will participate this Sunday October 2nd to the referendum on migrant quotas imposed by the EU and the Minister Lázár said that ““should not be underestimated, as it is the first chance for Hungarians to express their opinion about the immigration policy of Brussels.”