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Austrian Foreign Affairs Minister Kurz Wants To Ban The Distribution Of The Koran

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Austria – Following the raids on Salafist organizations in Germany, Austrian Foreign Affairs Minister Sebastian Kurz reiterated his wish to ban the distribution of the Koran on the street by Salafist organizations.

Many Islamists, many new Chechen converts and migrants have stands in the streets of Austria to distribute copies of the Koran, in a campaign titled “Lies”, in English “Read”. They are part of the “True Religion” group and receive funds from Saudi Arabia. Their actions are now banned in Germany but not in Austria, or in the UK. It is a group of German origin whose creator is the radical Salafist Ibrahim Abu-Nagie.

A distribution campaign of the Quran organized by another group was linked with Mirsad Omerovic, who recruited two girls of 17 and 15, Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic, who in 2014 joined the Islamic State in Syria.

Sebastian Kurz publicly opposes these campaigns of radicalization since this summer and hopes that the distribution of the Koran in the public space to be prohibited by the Integration Act. His actions are automatically rejected by the Socialist Party.