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Orbán: “EU’s Christian Identity under Threat from Muslim Migrants”

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Hungary – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told at the EPP congress in Malta that the European Union should defend itself from a looming “invasion of Muslim migration”.

Viktor Orbán said migration turned out to to be the Trojan horse of terrorism, a short-term solution to labour shortages and a business for NGOs. But the center-right wing leader underlined the European and US responsability. “We need to reform the foreign policy of the EU and speak frankly even if this is painful. We are making huge mistakes and our failed policies have led to destabilisation of North Africa and the Middle East.”

Viktor Orbán underlined also that the “language of liberal political correctness is even unable to identity and to understand the true danger of migration. We Central European expect that if things go on like this, there will be a dominant Muslim presence in the Western half of Europe even in the lifetime of our generation“, he said in front of the illegals-friendly German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Hungarian PM then encouraged his partners of the European People’s Party, the EPP eurogroup, to not succumb to ideological pressures from the left. ” I understand that the left is putting us under ideological pressure. For the West to feel guilty for the crusades and colonialism, but this leftist policy is intellectually disarming Europe against the invasion of the Muslim migration“.

We central Europeans want to completely reform migration policies. Borders must be taken under full control. Don”t believe anyone who says that this is impossible. We Hungarians are protecting the borders of the European Union over hundreds of kilometers without any major contribution from the EU in fact, but suffering from the backfire from Brussels. We are living proof that defence is possible,” he said.

He accused European socialists of wanting to let in millions of migrants, remove subsidiary and increase taxes. Orbán said “tomorrow is casting a shadow on today” and warned that the EU must change to safeguard its competitiveness, family values and Christianity. Orbán added “we are the popular party, we should not be afraid of being called populists.”

The Hungarian PM also called for a reform of the Human Rights Court. “The Human Rights Court has to be reformed urgently, because its judgements are a threat to the security of the European people and an invitation for the migrants“.

Viktor Orbán recalled he wanted to bring help to people in need locally, and not to import the problems.

He also warned that Europe’s influence in the Balkans and Eastern Europe is on the wane as opposed to growing Russian, Turkish and US influence. Orbán called to change this European policy and said the EU should therefore speed up the membership applications of Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia to guarantee stability in the region.