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Strasbourg: Hungarian Minister Must Postpone Conference Due to Communist Students

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France, Strasbourg – Hungarian Minister of Justice László Trócsányi had to postpone a conference scheduled to take place at the IEP in Strasbourg, as the Union of Communist Students opposed his visit.

Former Ambassador of Hungary in France and current Minister of Justice to Viktor Orbán, László Trócsányi, had to postpone the conference scheduled for Thursday 30 March 2017. The conference was to be organized at the Institute for Political Studies (Institut d’études politiques, IEP)) of Strasbourg, and moderated by the renowned association Sciences Po forum.

As the origin of this postponement, the Union of Communist Students of Strasbourg justified their mobilization by declaring that the “anti-migrant legislation of Hungary which Trocsányi created is considered the most severe in the European Union”. For this radical ideological association, the Hungarian minister is an enemy “of human rights, of the fight against discrimination, of international openness and of Syrian refugees”.

The Hungarian minister, labelled “an accomplice of the criminal policy of the Hungarian government”, therefore had to postpone the conference for the time being. For the extreme left-wing group, Hungary is leading one of the “deadliest policies in Europe in terms of migration”. This, however, is not the point of view of the Hungarian Communists.