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Will Montenegro build a fence at the Albanian border? Hungary is ready to help

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Montenegro – Migratory crisis: Montenegro does not exclude the possibility of building a fence at its border with Albania; Hungary proposes to help.

As mentioned a few days ago, some groups of migrants have been spotted in Croatia while coming from Bosnia, which has become the new transit country chosen by the migrants who wants to reach Western Europe through the Balkans.

And there are henceforth up to 60.000 migrants that Slovenia fears to see arriving – moreover there is an electoral campaign at the moment in the country –, with the risk of getting stuck in a dead-end if Austria would refuse to the migrants transiting in Slovenia to pass its border.

But it might happen that the migration route could be cut upstream if we believe the recent declarations of the Montenegrin authorities.

Vojislav Dragovi, chief of the border police department at the ministry of Interior of Montenegro, declared at the national TV that the erection of a border fence at the Albanian border was to be considered for the case the migratory pressure would increase on Montenegro. All the more as Albania does not seem to be disposed to accept the migrants back after they arrived in Montenegro, despite bilateral agreements between Montenegro and Albania, under the pretext that there would be no evidence that they would have come from Albania.

Furthermore, Hungary has declared being disposed to offer Montenegro 25 km of border fence. The border between Montenegro and Albania has a length of 172 km.