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Latvian government imposes a detention center for illegals in center Latvia

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Latvia, Rīga – The Latvian government confirmed the construction of the planned detention center for illegal immigrants, despite the will of Mucenieki village’s inhabitants, where the center will be build up. To preclude any legal attempt to build the camp, the government the center to be an object of national interest.

The Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis promised his support to the Mucenieki village’s population, near Rīga, in the heart of Latvia which has 2 million citizens. The 700 inhabitants of the village are opposed to this center, but the procedure initiated by the government will preclude any further legal attempt to avoid its construction. Declared an object of national interest, nor the population, nor even the mayor of the small town won’t be able to stop the construction of the detention center.

Kučinskis explained that the government cares about the village’s situation and the feelings of the inhabitants, and even wants to improve their lives. But he added that there is no more time though to discuss about the detention facility.

Two ministers voted against this project: the Justice Minister Dzintars Rasnačs and the minister for environment and regional development, Kaspars Gerhards. Both are from the nationalist party Nacionālā Apvienība (National Alliance), which is totally opposed to taking in illegal immigrants.

On January 26, the Latvian government granted 3.1 million euros to the Interior Ministry for renovation and expansion of the existing asylum seeker center in Mucenieki and construction of a detention center for foreigners held under the Latvian laws on asylum and migration. However, foreigners who have committed criminal offenses in Latvia will not be held there.