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Poland destroys Soviet monuments

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Poland – After World War II, hundreds of monuments in honor of the Soviets were set up in Poland. A part have already destroyed, and a campaign should begin in June to demolish another big part.

Historian Paweł Ukielski of the Polish Institute for National Remembrance (INR) would like to destroy the biggest symbol of the Soviet era in Poland: the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, realised by the Soviet architect Lev Roudnev and built in 1955. It is the highest building in Poland. In 2009, Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski had already asked for his demolition. According to him this symbolic action would have been cathartic for the Polish people.

The Russian ambassador for Poland Sergei Andreev had accused the country of ” historic denial “, and added that if they had not supported the Red Army during the World War II, the Poles would not have survived as a country.

According to the Director of the Polish Institute for National Remembrance, Luka Kaminski, these monuments have to disappear: ” Monuments in city centers and villages can send a negative historic message “. The partisans of these monument destructions don’t promote the degradation of cemeteries and forgetting of the deaths, but hope that the Russian heroes memorials will be replaced by the Polish heroes.