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Czechia raises doctors’ salaries

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Czechia, Prague – Doctors’ wages will increase by  ten percent next year, to prevent them from moving to Western Europe.

“It is necessary to raise salaries for nurses and doctors from January 1 next year by 10 percent,” Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said. Czechia has an insurance system that applies to all citizens, but salaries are low. As a consequence doctors and nurses from Czechia but also Hungary, Poland, Romania, usually go to Germania, Austria, France or UK where they can earn multiples of their current salaries.

The average gross Czech monthly salary was 28,152 Czech crowns (€ 1,041) in the final quarter last year. Data from National Health Information Institute for 2014, the latest available, showed doctors on average made 55,068-61,393 crowns (€ 2,037-2,271) and nurses 24,208-29,322 crowns (€ 895-1,085) per month. Nurses and doctors are paid twice in Germany.

The rise of doctors and nurses’ salaries will come into effect in Czechia from January 2017. Hungary will allow a larger part of her 2017 Budget to the health and care sector.