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Vučić’s ten points: economical reforms and EU integration

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Serbia, Belgrade – On Monday, May 23, Aleksandar Vučić, current Prime Minister reelected last month had been given the mandate for the country’s new cabinet, and introduced his ten points program. Most of the points concern economical reforms and EU integration.

After being reelected on April 24 with 48,25% of the votes, Vučić had the opportunity to propose a new cabinet more incline to work on the EU integration, as he wished when he asked President Nikolić to dissolve the parliament and call for early election. This new government had been approved on Monday. We can read in Serbian newspaper Blic and on a summary some of Vučić’s points for his new term:

– The first point concerns jobs. Vučić aims to reduce unemployment and invest in new jobs for the future –  IT, entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises, foreign investment.

– The second point is about a balanced budget and solving problems from the past – NPLs, debt restructuring, followed by state-owned enterprises, privatization, energy.

– The third one concerns connecting Serbia with the world, investment in infrastructure and tourism to help Serbia become a regional transport hub – infrastructure, corridors, railways, ports, tourism, air transportation.

– The fifth goal is to kick-start the country’s agriculture and encourage farmers to increase and expand production – added value, marketing, reform in the field of agricultural land, reform of subsidies.

– The next is quality education and the reform of the education system in Serbia – pre-schools, dual education, higher education reform, comprehensive programs for young people, followed by a new plan for health care, through work on disease prevention, renovation of health facilities, reduction of waiting times, higher quality of care, addressing the issue of structural surpluses.

– Ensuring a fair society, fighting against corruption and supporting to those who need it most through a more equitable system of social protection is the seventh article of the program, meant to create a system that serves citizens through a radical change towards an efficient public sector – the rationalization of the number of employees for the purpose of efficiency (salaries), elimination of bureaucracy, introduction of e-government.

Following these points are preservation of the country’s security, the fight against crime, preservation of national security and the fight against terrorism, protection from disasters and environmental protection, while article ten concerns Serbia’s road toward the EU.