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Disturbance at the borders in Hungary and Austria due to the migrant crisis

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Hungary – Kilometers of traffic jam are de facto closing again the border between Austria and Hungary. 350 migrants arrived in Hungary last weekend just before a new legislative amendment took effect on Monday, ordering a complete border closing.

Due to border control, a 15 km long traffic jam occurred on Monday on the Hungarian side of the border with Austria. In response, the Hungarian authorities started also to control the vehicles crossing the border, making the situation also difficult for people entering Hungary from Austria.

The reason of such border control is that Austrian customs are looking for illegal migrants, as their number is rising again. Between Friday and Sunday, 350 illegals had been caught in Hungary after their illegal border crossing. On Monday, July 4, a new legislative amendment took effect, by virtue of which the government has ordered to close the border completely. According to this law, anyone who crossed illegally the border (from the Serbian side) and captured within 8 km from the border will be deported to Serbia through the transit zone without any further procedure.

The information page focusing on the migration situation in Southern Hungary, ÖHV Információs Csoport, recalled that a complete unit of border guards has been deployed on the southern border for this purpose, which represents nearly 3,000 people.