Use of term ‘Polish’ death camp could mean 3 years in jail

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Poland – The Polish government has approved a bill under which anyone using the term “Polish” camps referring to WWII death camps run by the Nazi Germans in occupied Poland could face up to three years in jail.

The planned change in the law, drafted by the Ministry of Justice, was backed by the Cabinet on Tuesday, August 16.

Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro said after the Cabinet meeting: “Today, the Polish government has taken an important step towards creating stronger legal instruments to more effectively assert our rights to defend the historical truth, but also to defend the good name of Poland anywhere in the world where it is defamed and presented in a false light”.

He added that the new proposed law had been promised ahead of Poland’s general election last year.

Originally published on Radio Poland.

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  1. I understand the Poles. There indeed seems to be an organized action by the media “mafia” and by an entity called by some “the Hollocaust Industry” throughout the world to promote the use of the terms “Polish camps”, “Polish death camps” etc. to describe the actual German wartime concentration camps in Poland, including Auschwitz. And to systematically harass the Poles, just like the Germans used to be harassed in the past. Even Obama used such a term, in a public speech. He didn’t properly apologize. I personally haven’t seen any one whose opinion I care about to hate the Poles for those “camps.” Nor in fact to hate the Germans. What existed and was taken for granted years ago, today doesn’t exist any longer. Including emotions.

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