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Hundreds of militiamen hunt the migrants on the Bulgarian border

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Bulgaria – At least 800 people are following an intensive paramilitary training at the Bulgarian border. About half of them were in the army, and their training is partly provided by the Russians, for free. If the phenomenon is not new, since it has been made popular thanks to Dinko Valev, the risk of a large influx of migrants from Turkey this fall gives it momentum.


The website of one of these brigades, Vassil Levski Military Union – Shipka Bulgarian National Movement, provides more information about the program of the training: movement techniques in squad composition, ambush set up, encirclement and destruction of foreign armed formations penetrating Bulgarian territory, theory and tactics of national liberation wars, extreme routes to enhance physical and mental stability, topography, orientation, construction of camp and demonstration of the basic techniques for making shelters…

German public television broadcasted an investigation in early June, on these paramilitaries organizations moving mainly to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. They increased in size, it is said on the documentary, they arm themselves more heavily, and one of the men patrolling said: “if the agreement with Turkey fails, we are ready for the war against migrants”.


If the mainstream media seem alarmed, as Amnesty International is, the Bulgarian media meanwhile remain rather quiet, and more than that, about the Dinko Valev case, the man had been called a “super hero” on TV.