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EU Council President Tusk: “We must secure our borders”

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European Union – Donald Tusk, former Polish Prime Minister and current President of the EU Council finally admitted that “we must secure our borders”. Last year, the center-left politician said in front of the UN that “for Europe, isolationism has never been, and will not be, an option,” meaning that some way to accept migrants had to be found.

“Uncontrolled irregular migration, terrorism and fear of globalisation are three main challenges for Europe” and “securing our external borders” should be the EU’s top priority, said Mr. Tusk. “Never again can we allow our borders to be overrun by waves of irregular migrants as in 2015″. This is a startling change of tone from EU bosses in the wake of Brexit. In 2015, countries such as Hungary, Macedonia and Slovakia were heavily criticized for policing their borders with guards and fences, notes Breitbart.

A week ahead of the Bratislava’s meeting, Donald Tusk expressed his will: “In Bratislava I want us to pledge that all persons, including EU citizens, that cross the Union’s external borders are checked against the relevant databases. It is a question of our security”. He added his will to bring more European help to Bulgaria, in order to secure her border with Turkey.

Last year already, Donald Tusk had expressed critics toward the massive migrant influx hiting Europe. An influx of hundreds of thousands of people is a “weapon” and a “political bargaining chip” used by the EU’s neighbors who want to harm the continent, Mr Tusk said, speaking then about “hybrid warfare”.

On September 4, the EU Council President declared that Europe’s welcoming capacity is almost reached. On Tuesday, September 13, Donald Tusk visited Budapest in order to find allies in a fight which might well be his too for now on.