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Migrants: misunderstanding between the United States and Romania

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Romania – Tuesday, September 20, US President Barack Obama announced that Romania and six other European countries, had agreed to host ten times more migrants than in 2015. But the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to this statement by saying that Romania had not made such promises and that she would not accept more migrants than what had been agreed at European level.

According to Mr. Obama, 50 countries in the world have agreed to increase the number of migrants they host in 2017.

In 2015 Romania had granted 525 asylum applications. During the first five months of this year, she has recorded 360. With the European agreements, Romania welcomed 35 migrants until today, six sent from Italy and 29 in Greece. Over a period of two years, the country should welcome 6,205 migrants according to European redistribution agreement of 2015, migrants whom will also be sent from Greece and Italy. Romania and other European countries had voted against this agreement.

But migrants do not want to stay in Romania or Bulgaria. Most attempts once there to leave the country illegally to join Western Europe.