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A village near Sarajevo is now reserved to Arabs

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Bosnia – Middle Eastern investors have funded a village with 360 villas, an artificial lake, a halal supermarket and a Muslim prayer, and these homes are for sale only to Kuwaitis for 150,000 euros.

The developers want to double the size of the Arab enclave, highlighting the proportion of Muslims in Bosnia, accounting for 40% of her population.

In this village, the official language is Arabic. The premises are only allowed for work, such as cleaning. The houses are especially used to house women and children of businessmen, who stay away from the local population. Several protests took place, reminding that it is illegal to buy part of a country to prohibit access to its population.


Tarek Al Khaja, co-owner of real estate agency Al Suwaidi and Al Khaja said about this craze that have the Arabs for Bosnia, “People from the Gulf are attracted by the natural beauty, the presence of Islam and the warmth of Bosnians. They feel welcome. ” Real estate demand is increasing and prices have increased by 100% in three years in the Sarajevo area.

The Muslim leader of Bosnia Bakir Izetbegović welcomes the enthusiasm of the Arabs: “Bosnia is a European country… it has water, forestry, mining, and energy and tourism potential. Our brothers (from the Gulf) spotted this.”