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“Poland, bastion of Europe”

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By Olivier Bault.

Poland, Warsaw – “Poland, bastion of Europe”, was the theme of the March of Independence organized by Polish nationalist organizations on November 11 in Warsaw. A bastion of Europe against Islamization and against LGBT totalitarianism of the libertarian left post-sixty-eight and its collaborators of the soft right and without values. This major nationalist demonstration of the 11th of November is a rare phenomenon, perhaps even unique in Europe. In which other country are nationalists capable of attracting a hundred thousand people each year, including families with children and many Catholic or conservative patriots who do not vote for the National Movement (Ruch Narodowy, Polish nationalist party) but who also recognize themselves in the formula “God, Honor, Homeland”?

This year, they were 75,000 according to the police, against 10,000 to the concurrent march organized by the “committee for the defense of democracy” (KOD), which for one year is running out of wanting, under the pretext of saving democracy, question in the street the democratic power of the conservatives of the party Law and Justice (PiS). A third demonstration organized by the extreme left “antifa” attracted only a few hundred excited.

It is the totalitarian left which has made the success of this great annual march of the Polish nationalists by trying to block it and by calling for its ban in 2010, which has prompted tens of thousands of patriots to come and participate in it to oppose the dictatorship of politically correct to the European. And they can do it without complexity, for the Polish nationalists are inspired by the pre-war national-democratic movement which opposed all the totalitarianism of the period, fascism, nazism and communism, of which the great figures distinguished themselves in the struggle against the National Socialist and Bolshevik occupiers.

The specificity of the Polish nationalists is also their Catholic faith, and the March of Independence was preceded by a Mass. Bringing together on 10 November at the Polish Parliament House nationalists from several European countries for this great march against the Islamization of the continent, a meeting I attended, the leader of the Polish National Movement Robert Winnicki, strongly emphasized the importance of the Christian fact in the defense of our civilization and our nations against libertarian liberalism and against islamization. “Without demography and without religion, our victories can only be temporary,” he said. And if Poland is today a bastion of Europe, it is because it is strongly rooted in its Christian tradition. “Many do not want to talk about sexual hedonism, abortion, etc., but it is a short-sighted vision,” the Polish nationalist MP insisted, “our organizations and parties must talk about these Questions “.

The great march of 11 November and its human mass, mostly young men, waving flags and banners with patriotic and Christian slogans, and others against abortion, homosexual “marriage” and the Islamic invasion, gave the impression of a popular army ready to repeat the exploit of the great Polish king John III Sobieski at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. Not to mention the Warsaw metro filled with people of all ages, whose arms were nationally-decorated with armbands or holding the white and red flag of Poland to commemorate the Independence Day of 11 November on the banks of the Vistula. It was indeed with the end of the First World War that Poland occupied since the end of the eighteenth century had embarked on the struggle against Germany and then, until the victory in 1921, against Bolshevik Russia.

“The sun rises in the east,” said several speakers of the meeting of the previous day in the Diet, among which nationalists Slovak, Hungarian, but also Swedish, Italian, Spanish … The interventions highlighted this new fracture which once again cut the continent in two, where the Iron Curtain once passed. But today, the East is free. This year, for the second consecutive time, the march of the nationalists was able to take place peacefully, as were the demonstrations of KOD and antifas. For even if the major European media do not say so, the arrival of the PiS in power has at least the merit of restoring in Poland the freedom to manifest freely for all.

Translated from French by the Visegrád Post.
Originally published in French on Présent.