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Hungary quits the Open Government Partnership

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Hungary – The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international organisation set up five years ago to keep an eye on corruption. Hungary decided to withdraw from it just before its summit in Paris, on December 7-9. It is the first country that did it and there are still 75 that are included in the partnership.

To explain its decision to quit, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said that the OGP always accepts the critics against Hungary and turn them into resolutions, so it ignores the Hungarian government’s case that is devoted to keep public procurements clean. The Open Government Partnership employ independent experts linked to George Soros, and so exerts a pressure tactic on Hungary that has been increasing since 2015. According to the Hungarian government, the OGP has issued “one-sided reports”. The ministry said “it makes no sense to maintain our membership in an organization which has totally deviated from its founding objectives and principles.”

The Hungarian decision was criticized by the liberal-left press and political opposition.