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Poland considers guarded container migrant camps, just as Hungary

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Poland, Warsaw – Poland Interior Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, said on April 13, that Poland is considering creating container camps for asylum seekers and migrants on its border with Belarus.

According to the Polish Interior Minister, the system works well in Hungary. Due to an increasing number of migrants coming through and from Russia and Belarus, Poland starts to take measures against illegal immigration.

Mariusz Blaszczak made the comments in an interview on Radio Zet on Thursday, a day after the Gazeta Wyborcza daily reported that the ministry plans to put asylum seekers in containers behind barbed wire. Blaszczak did not deny those details, and said: “If there is an emergency situation we must be prepared for all scenarios…The bad scenario is a wave of migration that could sweep across Poland.”

For the time being, most of the migrants trying to enter the EU by crossing the border of Poland come from Chechnya, but the Polish government usually denies entry and asylum for them.