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Poland and Hungary reiterate their unity against Brussels

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Poland, Warsaw – On Friday, September 22, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán traveled to Warsaw to meet his Polish counterpart Beata Szydło. The two heads of governments were keen to recall their understanding to face the EU’s federalist and pro-immigration project.

On Friday, September 22, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán traveled to Warsaw on an official visit. Two days before the German elections won by Angela Merkel on Sunday, the meeting between the Polish and Hungarian heads of government aimed to send a strong signal to Brussels and Berlin about the high level of understanding and cooperation between the two countries. Viktor Orbán also said that they were two representatives of a region of economic success “without which the EU economy would be much more modest and without which the very project of the EU could not work.”

Major joint economic projects between Hungary and Poland, to which Mr Orbán and Mrs Szydło would like to see the participation of Czechia and Slovakia, are also being planned. However, details will be discussed and communicated within a few weeks, or a few months.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also recalled his views on the position of Poland and Hungary in particular with regard to the European project: Poland and Hungary in particular are “the guardians of the original project”, as opposed to the a federalist project wanted by Berlin, Paris and the Benelux.

For the strong man in Budapest, the behavior of the EU authorities towards Poland “is not only a political fault but also a lack of respect”. Critics stating that Poland attacks the principle of the rule of law are also unfounded, according to Viktor Orbán. This is a political inquisition targeting Poland, which Hungary will never accept, added Viktor Orbán.

The reason for these attacks is due to the common will of the countries of Central Europe to build a Europe of Nations, according to the head of the Hungarian government.

Viktor Orbán then summed up his vision of the European dichotomy between countries of immigration and pro-family countries.

“The path our governments chose on the matter of illegal immigration turned out to be right … the main basis of our actions has to be the security of our citizens,” said the Polish Prime Minister.

This Hungarian-Polish meeting was also a response and a demonstration of unity following the publication by the Carnegie Foundation of a document insinuating that Hungary and Poland are threatening the future of the European Union.

Polish professor Bogdan Góralczyk said in the columns of the great Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet that in addition to the Berlin-Paris axis, it is now important to talk about the Budapest-Warsaw axis, when it comes to inner power struggle within the EU. Central Europe is gently getting united being opposed to the project of federalisation.

In Warsaw, Viktor Orbán also met with the presidents of the parliament and of the senate, as well as the chairman of the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), Jarosław Kaczyński, the éminence grise of the Polish government. According to some sources, a visit of Jarosław Kaczyński is planned for Budapest this fall.

Kaczyński and Orbán in Warsaw. Photo : V. Orbán’s facebook.