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“Stop Soros”: hard blow for pro migrants NGOs in Hungary

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Hungary – On May 29, the Hungarian government presented its earlier already announced bill “Stop Soros” aiming to prevent immigrationist NGOs from pursuing their anti-national activities with complete impunity.

Following the results of the elections held in April, Viktor Orbán has presented his bill in order to counter the influence and activities of the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) being in favour of massive and uncontrolled immigration.

The bill aims to modify the Fundamental Law (Hungarian constitution), which the two-thirds majority in Parliament that has the strong man of Budapest allows him to take it for granted. “Stop Soros” should be voted around June 20.

The law “Stop Soros” will criminalise the NGOs that are active in helping illegals and abusive asylum seekers. Indeed, arranging asylum status for an illegal immigrant or enabling someone who has entered Hungary illegally to acquire residence rights will be seen as facilitating unlawful immigration, a crime punishable by a custodial sentence of 5-90 days. Committing such offences on a regular basis, providing financial support for illegal immigration or assisting illegal immigration in exchange for money will constitute felonies, and as such will be punishable by prison sentences of up to one year, wrote About Hungary.

That measure is alarming the affected NGOs. Their documents explaining to the illegal migrants how to elude the rules of the European Union – for example the ones encouraging them to lie systematically about their age in order to become unexpellable – are particularly targeted by this law.

Another cause of concern for the pro-immigration NGOs is that the courts of justice will be able to banish the activists and the employees of immigrationist NGOs from an 8 km area inside the border. Some of them fear that this might affect all the border crossing points, including the international airport of Budapest, that would then prohibit the access to the Hungarian capital to the affected activists. The risk of being expelled for the foreign activists collaborating with the pro-immigration NGOs substantially increases as well.

In parallel, the government of Viktor Orbán seeks with this law to redefine the legal status of the asylum seekers in order to reduce the abuses. As for the law “Stop Soros” presented to the Parliament, Hungary will only accept asylum requests from persecuted persons – Hungary has an active programme for helping persecuted Christians around the world – and being in grave danger. According to observers, that would then exclude every asylum seeker coming from Serbia, as this country is considered as sure.

This law is the first step of the measures announced by Viktor Orbán during his electoral campaign against the globalist and anti-national networks of George Soros, affirming so far his commitment for the national sovereignty concerning the questions of migration and demography. The struggle against the organised smugglers’ networks and the NGOs will thus get new legal tools allowing Viktor Orbán to anticipate a new migration crisis coming from the Balkans, though the new Balkan route seems to avoid Hungary.

The announcement of this law as well as the project of a 25% percent tax on the revenues of pro migrants NGOs (taxes that will be used for financing the protection of the borders) have incited the Open Society Foundations to leave Budapest last month.