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Árpád Szakács: Rejecting compulsory vaccination is more important than any ideological conflict today

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Hungary  A figurehead in the cultural war led by Viktor Orbán against progressive domination, journalist and editor Árpád Szakács has for several years received honours from institutions close to the-powers-that-be, from the media to foundations. But the rising star of the NER (Nemzeti Együttműködési Rendszere, Regime of National Cooperation, name given by Orbán to his union of the rights) will have changed its course with the Covid and deviated from the Orbánian line. Or rather, it is the NER that has deviated from its course, as he puts it.

Very virulent on the Covidian question, he knowingly burned bridges between himself and the NER. His publishing house is going to close, officially for chronic lack of paper, and he no longer appears in the media – where he says he no longer wants to go. Responsible for a time for the Hungarian regional outlets within Mediaworks, the flagship media management company close to the government, Árpád Szakács is now a freelance journalist and does not pull any punches against Orbán and the Hungarian government, of which he is now a fierce and committed adversary.

This separation is symptomatic of the crisis that Hungarian society has been going through since the advent of the Covid. If the Hungarian government is one of the least keen in terms of applying restrictions on freedoms in the European Union – the health pass is hardly used or controlled, per example – it is nevertheless engaged in a Covidian vaccination program of the whole population including children as young as 5 years of age. A delicate subject which raises concern beyond the old political divisions.

It is in this context that the former child prodigy of the NER and slayer of progressives Árpád Szakács came to participate in an anti compulsory vaccination – which already exists for certain occupations and which employers may require of their employees- protest organized  by the opposition party Mi Hazánk in front of the Constitutional Court. We have chosen to translate his speech in order to allow the readers of the Visegrád Post to better understand the motivations and the vision of the opponents of the Hungarian government on the Covidian question.

Árpád Szakács during his speech at the demo of 20 November, 2021, in Budapest. The demonstration was organised by the nationalist party Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland). Picture: Youtube

Full speech of Árpád Szakács at the demonstration held in front of the Constitutional Court of Budapest, on 20 November, 2021:

Human history is an inexhaustible source of absurdities. The dramatic history of world culture is filled with the aberrant deeds of sick tyrants and erroneous rulers. A continuous flood of tragedies throughout millennia is a sign that whatever can happen, will happen – no matter how unimaginable.

The new age’s fast development distinctly brought out the spiritual challenge for many authors to write about the brave new world that awaits those who have boarded the train which is so obviously headed to failure. Among others, the Irish Samuel Beckett, Swiss Friedrich Dürrenmatt, and Romanian Eugen Ionesco tried to warn us: beware of the horrors you imagine, they can easily become reality. Humanity has no bounds if you back off and release the reins to the wolves.

In 1966, the most absurd drama of the literary world at the time was the French Georges Michel’s work, The Sunday Walk, which made him famous. The characters of the play – the grandmother, grandfather, parents and small child – go through all the typical stages of family life during their walk to and from the cinema. They discuss all the most important topics from a very unique perspective.

The insignificant and silly moments are given much higher priority than the events fundamentally influencing their lives, which they blindly pass by. They have extended debates about trivial topics, and while voicing their ideals, they stare uninterested at the human violence around them and nod in agreement with the police terror.

The family barely notices when the grandfather is shot dead and the grandmother is stabbed ten minutes later into their walk. Only the little child tries to speak up.

But his efforts are in vain. These perfectly trained, brain-dead people cannot comprehend anything that does not fit their pathetic schematic world.

In the end, the child is killed by a stray bullet and only then do the parents come to the realization of what surrounds them.

Ladies and gentlemen!

This absurd drama is the reality we live in today: zero doubt and blind faith in what the relevant and competent experts say. We watch idly as they humiliate and discriminate against our fellow human beings. We might even support the withdrawal of other people’s basic rights. No thinking or criticism – just propaganda. The house we’re in is burning, but we’re having tea on the terrace – best case scenario, you’re worrying about an imaginary migrant climbing over the fence or who will be coming into power.

And we don’t notice that we could soon possibly lose everything resembling a free, honourable, human life. Most are only going to realize that everything has burnt to the ground and they’ve lost it all, after the fact.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Man is at his core an emotional being. Emotions are not only a livable form of attachments to values that are important to us, but also the foundation of human existence, creating connections between people.

Mutual respect is not a question of political party nor interests, but a natural agreement of humanity. Smaller towns know this value well: even if a neighbour, relative or friend has a different opinion, they are still a neighbour, relative or friend.

They say that hard times bring people together. Though our generation did not experience the horrors of war, we know that when it was needed, when others were in trouble, only the worst of the bunch withdrew a helping hand. Because it is a divine law that no matter where you’re from or what your views are, you must help others in trouble. To the best of your abilities.

Ladies and gentlemen!

These are hard times once more. And do not doubt that they will get worse.

And we can see that instead of getting closer, people are only distancing themselves further and further – just as in the absurd drama.

Instead of helping or understanding each other, they are taunting your human existence through political arguments and, while cynically grinning at the weaker, they trample him to preserve their individualistic survival.

But in reality, this is as effective as the ancient proverb: while sheep fear wolves their whole lives, they end up in the shepherd’s pot. As if everyone is trying to escape a stadium on fire through a single window. And that path is paved with blind faith in politics.

Blind faith in politics is the deepest swamp in the world. Blind faith in politics is like quicksand. It’s like a spider’s web. First, it swallows those victims who walk right into it without any doubts in their mind – the monstrous spider sucks out the life fluids from those who have put all their trust in them.

This arena, which most of humanity has been herded into, leaves very little chance of survival. 

Or rather, life as we have known it until now. Now we can clearly see the right-wing and left-wing arenas. And we can see the obvious similarity between them: both audiences are being taunted by the same conniving smiles.

Ladies and gentlemen!

The left-liberal wing is based on the triple slogan of freedom, equality, and brotherhood while the right tries to fulfill its mission through God, home, and family based on tradition. In both worlds, man and freedom take centre stage. According to the natural order, man is inconceivable without freedom and freedom without man is incomprehensible.

The curtain is up! We now see that both political systems want to destroy humanity and freedom. 

In the spirit of the aforementioned mottos, they trample over freedom of speech and expression, restrict our human rights, build a dictatorship of surveillance, conceal important information, and to quote a classic: they lie morning, noon and evening. [Quote from former Prime Minister Gyurcsány’s Oszodi speech]

And the technique is now perfected. They lie at night as well. They have nothing to fear. We are kept at bay from each other, there is no need for the army – we do them the favour of beheading each other. This is not a civil war but a war of the citizens.

The political confrontations of the past decades have decidedly divided Hungarian society. Our capabilities were carved along the “divide and conquer” strategy, and nothing has substantially changed. We have become insensitive, indifferent, leaving many with only blind faith in politics to comprehend reality. This reality is like a looking glass. Nothing is as it seems.

Ladies and gentlemen!

The Semmelweis-effect term spread mainly in the territories of Anglo-Saxon languages. This effect refers to an automatic human behaviour to reject new information because of a staunch belief in fixed norms, blind faith, dogmas or paradigms. The Anglo-Saxon literature most commonly defines the Semmelweis reflex as the “automatic rejection of facts without consideration, investigation, or experimentation.”

This phenomenon is named after a famous Hungarian, Ignác Semmelweis, whose scientific work and personal life ended in tragedy. Semmelweis discovered that childbed fever mortality rates fell ten-fold when doctors disinfected their hands with a chlorine solution before moving from one patient to another.

The experts however came to hate him, made fun of him, and considered him an idiot – what one would call a flat-earther today – despite the accuracy of his data. The method which gradually became more popular after his death was adopted by the scientific public a few decades after Pasteur’s work. In the meantime, many tens of thousands of mothers died because the professionals were so confident in their work.

Ladies and gentlemen!

The history of vaccines through the XX-XXI centuries resulted in many fates and tragedies similar to Ignác Semmelweis. One of them was virologist Dr. Bernice Eddy. In 1954, she discovered in America that a polio vaccine poses serious dangers. The researcher was immediately silenced and her experiments were not taken into account.

Not much later, the tragedy began: the polio vaccines caused the worst polio epidemic in history. The vaccine infected 200,000 people; 70,000 became ill, 200 children were paralyzed forever and many died.

In 1961, Dr. Eddy also discovered that a cancer-causing monkey virus was present in at least 98 million doses of a vaccine which had been administered to people. After this, healthcare authorities banned her from research and continued to use the vaccine on children that they knew was carcinogenic.

Public health officials and experts continued using the vaccines on people for years, even though they knew of its deadly effects. There were no doubts at all – tens of thousands of healthcare workers did their job and spread the disease with the confidence that they were the experts. 

Today, we know that over 98 million Americans received a vaccine that potentially contained a carcinogenic virus and is now part of the human gene pool. In 1996, 23 percent of blood samples and 45 percent of healthy adults had traces of the disease that Dr. Eddy had discovered, which was transmitted through the vaccine.

Six percent of children born between 1980 and 1995 were infected. Among these individuals, skin cancer was 70 percent more likely to occur, lymphoma and prostate cancer 66 percent more likely, and brain cancer 34 percent.

When Bernice Eddy discovered all of this, the healthcare authorities forbade her from talking about this to the public; she was not allowed to attend scientific conferences, her studies were withheld, she was excluded from vaccine research, her experimental animal were killed, and in the end she was banned from entering the laboratories.

“The way she was treated is a good indication of how the so-called scientific world approaches human health” said Robert F. Kennedy. 

Ladies and gentlemen!

But the reality is even more terrifying. A 1979 document attributed to Dr. Alan Bernstein, head of research at the vaccine company Wyeth, has been released in connection with a US lawsuit. One case revealed that while the number of deaths caused by vaccination was staggering, the number of children with brain damage was even higher.

The document acknowledged that the vaccine would cause fatalities in many children, and to prevent this from coming to light, it suggested that only maximum two thousand doses be sent to a given city.

Pay attention to the rationale: you can prevent many children from dying by vaccination in a small geographical territory within a short period of time. That is, they will continue to die and suffer crippling brain damage, but the number won’t be significantly high.

These villains knew exactly how dangerous it was, but they chose to hide behind the curtain and uphold the interests of pharmaceutical companies. 

Ladies and gentlemen!

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet and Dr. Timothy Cunningham were also excellent researchers, but when they brought to light various deaths and cases of autism related to childhood vaccinations, they both died under suspicious circumstances. One was found in a stream, the other in a reservoir. 

Compared to them, Dr. Judy Mikovits was more fortunate. Judy Mikovits is one of the greatest researchers of our time. Her decades of research changed the way HIV-AIDS is treated and she saved the lives of millions.

She also drew attention to one of the greatest dangers to humanity: breakthroughs in diseases caused by latent retroviruses.

Her career trajectory was steadily headed towards a Nobel prize – however, when she began to come to the conclusion that vaccinations could be the cause of the aforementioned issues, her life took a sharp turn. As if it was some action-thriller film, only entirely reality unfortunately.

She was arrested without any explanation, her office was locked down, her research confiscated, she was fired and blocked from the scientific community.

Her startling story is depicted in her book, A Plague of Corruption. The interests of the so-called protective vaccinations are also revealed.

According to the research, in the United States alone there are about half a million autistic individuals whose condition can be directly connected to a childhood vaccine. In this case, if vaccine manufacturers were to be held financially liable, they would owe over $1.7 trillion.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Some people rightly pose the question: what do we have to do with this? Well, a lot.

It’s the same network, same interests, same logic and the same Anthony Fauci who ruined Judy Mikovits. Fauci, the same man who financed that Wuhan laboratory with millions of US dollars that released the virus that is wreaking havoc right now, which Bill Gates created an interest group for in 2017.

They began developing the technology in the current western vaccines back then already.

And the political interest groups that they direct and fund were also created back then. On 26 April, 2018, the European Commission adopted a peculiar decision. I will highlight 5 sentences from it:

– The most pressing challenges include overcoming vaccine hesitancy…

– While these challenges affect Member States in different ways, EU-wide action is needed to achieve meaningful progress and turn political visions into effective operational vaccination plans at national and EU level…

– Any encounter with the healthcare system should be used as an opportunity for catch-up vaccinations to close immunity gaps.

– Strengthen the monitoring of vaccine uptake across all age groups, … and share such data at EU level.

Develop a common EU citizens vaccination card. 

And again, this was dated: 26, April 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Anyone can access the document. You can download it. But of course, you’re not familiar with it, are you? Thousands of journalists couldn’t find it either. And they couldn’t even find their keyboards when they found out that the EU made certain parts of the vaccine contracts classified – for example the sections assigning responsibility for the side-effects. So, with your money, they are purchasing treatments, on your behalf with a contract that hides the most important information. And many are being administered on a compulsory basis.

So you see: the vaccine manufacturers were prepared, the European Commission was ready for battle, Fauci was doing his research in Wuhan – all they needed was a virus. And then, miraculously that finally arrived in 2019 as well. And how fortunate and coincidental that by the end of 2020 we had a vaccine which we have now found out will be forced into everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen!

This vaccine affair entered our lives like the wolf did the three little pigs’ house. First, he just knocked on the window with a mask on, then one foot, another, and now the third – and he just let us know that a fourth one could be coming soon as well. We now see this is a genetically mutated wolf who will probably have many, many legs. But there has never been a wolf that wanted to come in “just” to get warm. You can interpret this lesson for yourself.

We have our record-breaking vaccine – which we don’t know anything essential about as this is classified. Everyone is different, it affects people differently – but now anybody can go into any vaccine centre and pick one out, like a beer in a bar.

We would like to express our gratitude to Cristian Terhes, Romanian Member of Parliament, who revealed the European Commission’s procedure and is currently fighting to declassify those aforementioned sections of the contracts. Yes, it seems today we are at the point that if a Hungarian is facing a life-threatening issue, he can expect help from a Romanian representative. 

And we would also like to express our thanks to Oradea’s Flavia Grosan, Romanian doctor, whose dedicated and persistent work has saved many lives – even going against and uncovering those force whose interests lie elsewhere. No matter what the lying mainstream media has to say, her work is honest and professional. We would also like to thank the numerous doctors and nurses who are trying to do something about this situation anonymously. 

Ladies and gentlemen!

The issue of responsibility towards our fellow man is not only regulated by millennials-old legal systems, but also by even more ancient tribal laws.

The responsibility: the consequences of my actions. Because every act has consequences. Usually not immediately – but the more prolonged, the greater its effect. A bad conscious will eat away at you until then.

In criminal law, a negligent person is also liable. The law has two defined forms:

Conscious or deliberate negligence, when the perpetrator foresees the consequence of his or her behaviour but does not consider their implication.

Reckless negligence, when the perpetrator fails to foresee the possible consequences of his conduct because he did not fulfill his expected prudence.

Ladies and gentlemen!

No one in this country can claim to have committed a vile act, or stood idly by, just because they didn’t have enough information. This is not an excuse to shirk responsibility. Whoever partakes in ruining people or forcing people to do anything through conscious or reckless negligence will face the repercussions. All suffering is returned to those (and their descendants) who caused it.

The Serbs’ Béla Hamvas [Hungarian writer and social critic, the main Hungarian traditionalist], Milovan Danojlic, once wrote: Doubt is not popular today because it is believed to be a sign of weakness. Its expression is not recommended. The watchmen of the international circus march forward without hesitation in a straight line, never stopping, looking back – even if they’re leading us into a deep chasm, and even if they don’t know where they are leading us at all.

If we dare doubt the forces in power, we’ve already taken a step towards resistance. 

This world which lost the instinct of doubt has become a world of rampant lies. Doubt is essential to mental health and preventing dictatorships; the right to doubt is a liberty.

Sándor Csoóri [Hungarian poet and essayist], one of the wisest of the past decades, wrote on the first page of every notebook: “Remember that the often-mentioned lie can easily give rise to the appearance of truth which is a decisive force in a world of appearances.”

Ladies and gentlemen!

The conclusion always comes at the end. What should we do? Nehru, Prime Minister of India, said:

The older I get, the more I judge people on their character, not their ideals. The aforementioned Sándor Csoóri said: “One must, above all, put oneself against those in power, because independent behaviour and reckless gestures is worth a public demonstration. 

Ladies and gentleman!

The first reckless gesture is for everyone to temporarily put aside political ideological conflicts. Rejecting compulsory vaccination is more important today than any other ideological conflict. Realizing this is your responsibility.

Your responsibility also has another level. In the past decades, we’ve become accustomed to a certain manner of socialization: if we have stood out for something we believe in, we check to see if there is someone we can get behind whole will represent this issue. Then, we put our trust in that person up front to fight for this issue. And this is important.

But the situation is different now, and there is something else important here. I will say it straightforwardly because I may not have another chance to express this in the near future.

It wouldn’t hurt if everyone would be aware that no one is coming to save you now. You have to save yourself. Everyone is responsible for themselves. Everyone must discover those people, those communities in their own vicinity that suits them. There, everyone must discuss and discover their own strategy. Organize your lives so that you can still contact and communicate with each other without internet or phones. 

We must talk to each other always and find common ground with those who feel safe with the vaccination. And we must turn our attention towards the plans behind the vaccination and what is going on in the background. Even the strictest dictatorships didn’t force everything on everyone.

We are experiencing the creation of human history’s darkest dictatorship – which, like most dictatorships, will strike down on us all. 

Ladies and gentlemen!

Search out authentic people and avoid lying media! And do not forget! This system as a weak point: we, the people. 

Wake up Hungary! Wake up Hungarians!